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Actually smiling because it happened.


A few things I’ve learned this time around: 

  • The most wonderful things happy spontaneously. We didn’t need each other. We weren’t looking for each other. We expected nothing out of each other. You were going about your life, and I was healing, without a care for being in a relationship again any time soon. All we wanted was to have a great FTC and to spend time with our members and new friends. 
  • I deserve to be called beautiful, wonderful, and radiant. 
  • "Will you be my girlfriend/boyfriend?", titles, and "I love you"s are NOT everything (BUT I do need to be careful because those things may show a lack of commitment later on). Trust and loyalty were some of the most important factors to me. Actually, for a very long time, I had complete trust in someone. I wasn’t paranoid about the feelings for me. I was treated like a queen and respected as a strong individual.
  • Meeting the [entire] family can be one of the best moments in the relationship.
  • If I had to pick a key though, it would be communication. It was the first time that I felt free to speak my own mind, whether my thoughts were silly or serious, whether my opinions were happy or upsetting. Instead of reprimanding me, I had a great listener and optimistic advisor to depend on.
  • I entered the game by…not playing the game. I had no intentions of impressing. Actually I started off with warnings, trust issues in relationships, break up stories, disappointments in office. No sugar coating. No “perfection”. I told the truth about me, and the result was someone who shrugged off the negative qualities—rather, didn’t believe me—and someone who wanted to find out for themselves about who I was.
  • Plane rides are wonderful. The view from the air is absolutely breathtaking, especially at night above the city lights.. Airports and terminals have become comforting. There is no feeling like walking through on the jetway, and you’re filled with utter excitement for adventure once you take that first step into the terminal. I came into this, terrified because I had no idea about carry-on bags,what I should do at TSA checkpoints, The last time I flew was with family when  was eight, but now, I can’t wait to fly and see more of the beautiful world, whether I’m on my own or with a loved one in the future.
  • Speaking of transportation, two 6-hour bus rides,  6 planes rides, a bunch of frequent flier points, a HECK of a lot of money invested, and 400-mile trips later, I’ve realized the lengths that I would go for someone I deeply love. One of my friends said I would do almost anything for my significant other, but that’s who I am. I don’t let obstacles remain in my way when it comes to the people or things I truly care about. The challenge is to find someone who is as equally as crazy.
  • Just because something ended doesn’t mean that you should either. I think that explains why I’m still me. I’m still warm. Love songs still make me giddy. Seeing my friends and their significant other still brings a smile on my face. For now, I’m fine with being on my own, but I’ll still openly embrace whoever comes my way in the future. Whoever you are, I’m excited for us. “Make it to me.”
  • Sending songs to each other, watching each other play the guitar or the ukulele, singing together. I’ve realized how amazing it feels to be with someone who shares my love for music. From now on, this is an absolute must in my book.
  • The thing that does make me sad to think about is it would have been a beautiful story. Other than that, I really am going to be okay =] 

The Great Gatsby

This by far was the most well planned out scene layout and my favorite.


The Great Gatsby

This by far was the most well planned out scene layout and my favorite.

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Molecular Visions of DNA

The DNA of a Eukaryotic chromosome has the shape of a fractal helix with six levels of coiling.  The fractal shape allows for all sizes of the chromosome to be unpacked and transcribed efficiently, from individual genes to long sections of DNA with thousands of co-dependent genes and regulatory sequences.  It has been hypothesized that DNA can act as a fractal antenna which responds to electromagnetic waves in the environment by packing or unpacking its helicies.

Video Credit: Drew Barry


If you blow bubbles on a cool, wet day this happens. If you want your bubble to be strong and last longer just add corn syrup. (Source)(Unbreakable Bubbles Recipe)